What Is Influencer Marketing?

Only within the past few years has influencer marketing skyrocketed due to the exposure of social media. When a person on any social platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) have a large following businesses or brands will take advantage of that and set them up with "discount codes", send them their merchandise to represent & all they... Continue Reading →

5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Costing You

Through the years of working in the digital marketing and social media world, I have found out my top 5 mistakes that are costing you engagement and following on your social media accounts. Buying Instagram followers or likes Inconsistent posting or no prior scheduling Not posting original content Poor grammar and spelling Not engaging with... Continue Reading →

A Common Social Media Mistake

Everyone and their mother is now a "social media marketer" it seems like these days, but there is one way to tell the real ones from the fake ones. Consistency Sending out one tweet to Twitter, posting one picture to Instagram, posting one status to your Facebook page and adding one pin on Pinterest a... Continue Reading →

Next Up In Scandals: Google

Oh Google, you only stay at the top by being the best & being honest. You have never heard me talk about Google + except in general terms for the sole fact that, I never used it. To me, it was just another social networking platform. Every major corporation has gone through a data scandal,... Continue Reading →

Social Media Marketing Myth #3

"Your business needs to be on every platform." No. There are different social media platforms for a reason, for different markets of people. Twitter: Short writing Facebook: Promotions, long articles Instagram: Photos & Videos Pinterest: Search Engine LinkedIn: Professional Networking Snapchat: Personal Photo Sharing, not professional Above you will see the top social media platforms... Continue Reading →

Social Media Marketing Myth #1

The biggest myth in the digital marketing world is that social media marketing is free. Yea, social media is free. For now at least. But social media marketing, however, is not free. It is pretty expensive. Yea, you can do campaigns for as little as $10, but you won’t get the results you’re looking for... Continue Reading →

Pinterest’s Latest Update

You all know how much I LOVE PINTEREST! Well, Tuesday they came out with a new update! The "More Ideas Tab" is here and helps with similar pin recommendations based off of your activity. This is a great addition since a lot of people seemed lost after they took away the search section of the... Continue Reading →

SEO Quick Tip Of The Day

This one is so simple it hurts, but people don't realize it helps with SEO. Advertise your company online including social media. If you are a blogger, you should be utilizing Pinterest & creating infographics. Also, a great place to share your blog for free is Mix, the company that bought StumbleUpon. Build complete social... Continue Reading →

Facebook Tip: STOP! Doing This

Another Facebook quick tip of the day for you all. STOP. ADDING. PEOPLE. TO. YOUR. FACEBOOK. GROUP. WITHOUT. ASKING. I can't tell you how many times a week I have to "leave groups" because I was added without my knowledge. I am sure your group is great but by adding people without asking it will... Continue Reading →

Here We Go Again!

Instagram has changed their algorithm again! No shocker there. This means the following. 1. Make sure you are putting your hashtags in the description of your post & not the comments. 2. Utilize the top 5-10 hashtags, instead of 30. 3. Switch up your hashtags, do not use the same ones each post because it... Continue Reading →

Yelp, Are You On There?

I have all of my clients on yelp. Not only is it a GREAT review site but it is a lead generation gold mine. Think about when you open the Yelp app, chances are you are using it to find a new place to go. Whether it be a restaurant, tattoo shop, or a real... Continue Reading →

Why You Need Instagram Marketing

Why you need Instagram Marketing   800 million monthly ACTIVE users 8 million business profiles 60% of users say they learned product knowledge on Instagram 7% of US companies will be using Instagram for marketing   The saying goes “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Let the product speak for itself through high quality photos... Continue Reading →

Hashtag Research

Break it down into 3 groups • 10 million + • 10 million – 1 million • 1 million – 200,000 Instagram allows 30 hashtags per photo, but I suggest using 10-15 highly specific to your niche and a few from the first tier.   If you use all hashtags from the first tier you... Continue Reading →

2018 Instagram Algorithm Changes..Again

Commenting Instagram has finally caught on to the engagement pods and will not be counting comments under 4 words as engagement. Before you freak out, this is actually a good thing for those running accounts on Instagram's platform because it will mean that the comments left are authentic to your post.   Stories I have... Continue Reading →

Instagram Scheduling Hack

We all wish Instagram had a scheduling aspect to the app. Using secondary apps to post, end up hurting your engagement and reach. Here’s your tip on how to surpass it: Go into Instagram and do everything except post the photo. Exit out, instead of discarding save it as a draft. Set timers on your... Continue Reading →

Becoming a LinkedIn Pro

LinkedIn became popular while I was in college, just after the turn of the decade. In school, we had an administrator that pushed LinkedIn and because of that, I stuck with the site. I landed my first client from LinkedIn for a cool $4K per month. LinkedIn is often referred to as a professional version... Continue Reading →

The Three Questions of Marketing

When creating a product or service you need to ask yourself the three questions of marketing. Doing this will allow you to grade how well your product or service will succeed. Does a market exist? When you are creating a product for selling or even a service, you want to make sure that there is a... Continue Reading →

The Power of Social Media in 2018

It is easy to think of Facebook or Twitter and President Trump when you hear or see the words social media. Those in the political and athletic realm are able to use their following and the power of social media to influence and connect with people not only in the United States, but also the... Continue Reading →

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