Facebook Versions, I LOVE Mine

SO we all know that at all times there are thousands of different versions of Facebook being tested. One of the features I had for about 4 months was a one click, invite all, for business pages. Just today, I noticed that they brought back the old version of having to click each and every... Continue Reading →

Tax On Social Media

Around the world, countries are contemplating putting a tax on social media in hopes that it will lessen the amount of gossip goes through all of these platforms. Upfront it seems like a great idea but the real question is how will the countries be able to target the ones that purchase internet for social... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Ways To Up Your Instagram Game

Instagram is where you need to be in 2018, if you are not on there, you are missing out on 800 million people!! Utilize the stories feature Use Tailwind to schedule posts a week ahead of time Hashtag Research Invest in high quality photo/video Engage, Engage, Engage The stories feature is essential to your Instagram... Continue Reading →

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