Google + Final Days

As I brought up before, Google + is shutting down and the platforms last day live is April 2nd, 2019. If you have a Google + account, make sure any links to the account are removed from your websites & social profiles. Within SEO, broken links work negatively against your score & you don't want... Continue Reading →

SEO Tip Of The Day: Keywords

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nothing without the proper use of keywords, seriously though. Without them, search engines can't find your website. If search engines can't find your website then your website is pointless. How are you guys liking the SEO tip of the day segment? Beneficial? If you have a specific SEO struggle, let... Continue Reading →

SEO Quick Tip Of The Day

Backlinks are super important and crucial to your SEO success! But! Stop building a mass amount of links on directories. Stick with directories that are of higher quality (Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google+, etc.) and add relevance to your brand. Make sure you are always putting your links on relevant websites. You want the right people coming... Continue Reading →

SEO Tip Of The Day

When creating headings for your page, you want to make sure they are within 15-65 characters. For example, Office & Virtual Office aren't going to work Change to: Pittsburgh Office & Our Virtual Office Those two headings are now within the parameters & going to assist in boosting your on-page SEO score.

How A Digital Marketing Agency Can Help A Small Business

Campaign management A professional digital marketing agency can devise an effective campaign management system to identify target markets, to explore how to effectively utilize resources and to delve into additional platforms to give the best results. A promotional campaign defines buyer personas to identify suitable platform for maximum ROI. The agency integrates the multiple platforms and software to... Continue Reading →

Why I Started A Blog

When I graduated college I told myself I would never write because I hated school, English class more specifically. Yet here I am with a small business blog, willingly writing, with no one probably listening. After my father died in 2014 I decided that I would pick up something that my dad loved to do... Continue Reading →


COMPANY LETTERHEAD INFORMATION [Date]   [Name of Infringing Company] [Address] [City, State Zip]   Attention:  [Insert Name] Œ   RE:      Trademark Infringement   Dear Sir or Madam:   [Insert name of company] (the “Company”) owns and operates [Insert publicly known name of company]. The Company also owns trademarks associated with its business [, a sample... Continue Reading →

Tip Tuesday: Pinterest Add-On

I LOVE MY GOOGLE CHROME PINTEREST EXTENSION! It makes everything so simple. I try my best to work SMARTER and not HARDER & this extension makes that possible. Before I had it, my traffic to my websites weren't the best & after I started using the Pinterest extension, I noticed a steady climb in referral... Continue Reading →

Importance of Pinterest

I first found out about Pinterest in college back in 2010, I will admit, I used it as a distraction when I was bored in class. Little did I know that it was actually a valuable seach engine & seo gold mind. At the beginning of 2018, Pinterest was sitting at about 175 million users.... Continue Reading →

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