A Major Lesson I Learned

When I decided I was going to run a digital marketing agency, I thought that I had to be able to master all of the social platforms. This was a major problem for me because my product wasn't consistent across the board. If you want to succeed your production needs to be consistently great with... Continue Reading →

Pinterest’s Latest Move

Pinterest has filed to go public in April! They have also brought on Walmarts former CTO, Jeremy King. Lots of exciting things ahead for Pinterest. Acquiring Jeremy King, was the perfect move for Pinterest because he will help ride them into the e-commerce world to the point they want and beyond. You can currently purchase... Continue Reading →

What No One Tells You

When you are starting out on your entrepreneurial journey in the digital marketing world, a lot of people tend to think that their business has to be on every social media platform. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. I really do get asked this a lot in my coaching sessions. You... Continue Reading →

15 Pinterest Facts

Curious about the world of Pinterest? Here are some great facts that I believe will peak your interest! 80% of users are women! Over 500,000 business accounts Average daily # of daily pins: 5 million Average of 98 minutes spent on Pinterest in the span of a month There are 25.6 million users just in... Continue Reading →

How To Use Pinterest Boards

The way that Pinterest works, is you find an image or blog that you like and want to "share" and add it to the respective board you have created on your profile.   You will see above the places you go to, to find your boards and how to "pin" everything. Users on Pinterest can... Continue Reading →

Pinterest – Are You On There?

When’s the last time you just went to a store and bought a big-ticket item without doing any online research? If you’re anything like the 93 percent of Pinterest users who use the social media platform to plan purchases, you can’t really remember. Pinterest is the number one shopping destination for millenials, which also makes it a go-to network... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Working Smarter Not Harder

I am always looking for ways to improve my time management & one way that I did was by investing time into Google Chrome Extensions. I have one for Pinterest, screen capture, Sprout Social, & more. By being able to quick click on the extension, on the right hand side of your screen, I save... Continue Reading →

Tip Tuesday: Pinterest Add-On

I LOVE MY GOOGLE CHROME PINTEREST EXTENSION! It makes everything so simple. I try my best to work SMARTER and not HARDER & this extension makes that possible. Before I had it, my traffic to my websites weren't the best & after I started using the Pinterest extension, I noticed a steady climb in referral... Continue Reading →

Importance of Pinterest

I first found out about Pinterest in college back in 2010, I will admit, I used it as a distraction when I was bored in class. Little did I know that it was actually a valuable seach engine & seo gold mind. At the beginning of 2018, Pinterest was sitting at about 175 million users.... Continue Reading →

Pinterest For Bloggers

If you are a blogger of any size, you need to be on Pinterest. By using an image, you are able to "pin" (share) your content on their social network. 79% of users are female 58% of users use Pinterest on a tablet 88% of users make purchases through Pinterest 49% have purchased 5 or... Continue Reading →

Quick Pinterest Tip!

If you are running a Pinterest business page, then high five. Not a lot of people understand the importance of Pinterest for visual business. It is so easy & if you your target market is women, YOU NEED TO BE ON THERE. Alright so this tip, Whereever you are, there is a major city somewhat... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Fear Win..

I am really good at failure, but I don't fear it, I embrace it. I started blogging about 2 months ago and I SUCK at writing...so what made me even think about starting? Blogging, and writing in general, is an integral part to getting my voice out there and it allows me to provide ultimate... Continue Reading →

Pinterest for Business

Have you heard of Pinterest? Did you know that their majority of clientele are mostly creative women. Is that your target market? I first started out on Pinterest when I was in college for something to do while I was bored in between classes. I instantly became obsessed, it is full of incredible knowledge &... Continue Reading →

The Power of Social Media in 2018

It is easy to think of Facebook or Twitter and President Trump when you hear or see the words social media. Those in the political and athletic realm are able to use their following and the power of social media to influence and connect with people not only in the United States, but also the... Continue Reading →

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