Failure Is A Part Of The Process

Unfortunately, the best way to learn is from your failures. Everybody hates failing, it is natural to want to succeed even on your first try. It just isn't something that always happens. SK Marketing Group hasn't been nearly as successful as I was expecting, but I have learned more over the past few years than... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning Reflections

Pittsburgh is flooded, like always, but we are getting remnants of a Tropical Storm right now so it isn't supposed to stop raining until WEDNESDAY. Good thing I live on Mount Washington because otherwise I would be screwed. Today is also the first game of the season for the Pittsburgh Steelers, I am originally from... Continue Reading →

Goals & Why They Are Important

If you follow SK Marketing Group on Instagram, then I apologize for reiteratting what I said on my LIVE session this morning. GOALS! I am not talking about the soccer term either, although that World Cup was crazy! I am talking about the ones you set for yourself & company to continue to grow. Whether... Continue Reading →

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