What Is Influencer Marketing?

Only within the past few years has influencer marketing skyrocketed due to the exposure of social media. When a person on any social platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) have a large following businesses or brands will take advantage of that and set them up with "discount codes", send them their merchandise to represent & all they... Continue Reading →

A Major Lesson I Learned

When I decided I was going to run a digital marketing agency, I thought that I had to be able to master all of the social platforms. This was a major problem for me because my product wasn't consistent across the board. If you want to succeed your production needs to be consistently great with... Continue Reading →

Pinterest Quick Tip

I get asked quite often how I am able to get over 10k views a month rather quickly and continue to keep climbing. This is also the #1 mistake novice Pinterest users make. Pay Attention To Details It really is rather simple, I can't tell you how many times I see pins that aren't fully... Continue Reading →

SEO Quick Tip Of The Day

This one is so simple it hurts, but people don't realize it helps with SEO. Advertise your company online including social media. If you are a blogger, you should be utilizing Pinterest & creating infographics. Also, a great place to share your blog for free is Mix, the company that bought StumbleUpon. Build complete social... Continue Reading →

Here We Go Again!

Instagram has changed their algorithm again! No shocker there. This means the following. 1. Make sure you are putting your hashtags in the description of your post & not the comments. 2. Utilize the top 5-10 hashtags, instead of 30. 3. Switch up your hashtags, do not use the same ones each post because it... Continue Reading →

27 Tips for Instagram Marketing

Tips for Instagram Marketing Create an engaging bio Regularly update your bio with new keywords to bring in a new wave of followers Use the link in your bio to connect to a landing page Switch up your profile picture regularly to keep a fresh look Download an analytics app (free ones are awesome, no... Continue Reading →

Why You Need Instagram Marketing

Why you need Instagram Marketing   800 million monthly ACTIVE users 8 million business profiles 60% of users say they learned product knowledge on Instagram 7% of US companies will be using Instagram for marketing   The saying goes “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Let the product speak for itself through high quality photos... Continue Reading →

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