MANAGEMENT SERVICES AGREEMENT   This management services agreement is between COMPANY NAME, IN CAPITAL LETTERS, a[n] State of Organization, if not an individual [corporation] [general partnership][individual][limited liability company][limited liability partnership][limited partnership][sole proprietorship][other] (the “Company”) and MANAGER NAME, IN CAPITAL LETTERS, a[n] State of Organization, if not an individual [corporation] [general partnership][individual][limited liability company][limited liability partnership][limited... Continue Reading →

Facebook Pages

How many of you utilize the Facebook Pages to Watch feature? I love this feature! It allows me to be able to track my competition and see exactly what they are posting that week as well.   If you look at the picture above, you will see that it has your competitions total pages likes,... Continue Reading →

Core Audiences & Why They Are Important

When you begin building a Facebook Ad, you are defaulted to building a core audience when choosing you ad targeting. Anything a person puts on Facebook is calculated into their data for you to market to. Demographics, locations, interests, behaviours and connections make up the data for a core audience.   Demographic targeting draws from information... Continue Reading →


This pet sitting agreement is between OWNER NAME, IN CAPITAL LETTERS, an individual (the “Owner”), and SITTER NAME, IN CAPITAL LETTERS, a[n] [individual][limited liability company][sole proprietorship][Other] (the “Sitter”).   The Owner is the owner of the following animals: Pet Name1 [and PetName2] (the “Pets”).   The Sitter is an experienced pet sitter.   The parties... Continue Reading →

Google Ad Words

Everyone knows of Google & I know everyone has seen the ads at the top of the screen when you search anything within Google's platform. Have you ever wondered how businesses get their ads displayed there? It is actually pretty simple. You want to start by creating a Google AdWords account! The great thing that... Continue Reading →

Negotiation Strategies

At some point in your career, you will need to negotiate on your employee's salary. Here are some strategies to help you out! Know your parameters before negotiating Get the applicant to commit to a salary range before the selection is made Ask candidates about their compensation demands DURING the interview process Offer nonmonetary perks... Continue Reading →

25 Creative Recruiting Techniques

Struggling with finding & hiring the RIGHT people? Here are 25 creative ways to recruit team members. Contests Eligibility for drawings Brochures promoting job oppurtunities Business Card sized applications Personalize recruitment advertisements Layered Information in advertising Print and broadcast ads in languages associated with the community Posters aimed for foreign students Visiting executives at colleges... Continue Reading →

Market Analysis – Free Template

MARKET ANALYSIS Developing a Market Analysis for a new business or new product provides an entrepreneur a better understanding of the size and specific segments of a market, as well as an evaluation to determine if the target market will support the business’ growth plans. The Market Analysis is a critical part of any business... Continue Reading →

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