How To: Block Someone On Facebook

Another FAQ answered for my followers! If someone is harrassing you, being rude or you simply don't want them to know you are on FB, you can block them. Here is how: Go to your general settings by clicking on the little down arrow in your top right hand corner (desktop view). Once you do... Continue Reading →

Facebook Pages

How many of you utilize the Facebook Pages to Watch feature? I love this feature! It allows me to be able to track my competition and see exactly what they are posting that week as well.   If you look at the picture above, you will see that it has your competitions total pages likes,... Continue Reading →

Instagram Hashtags

I have and will always be a fan of the Instagram Hashtags feature. It is a great way to keep in touch with what other people in the same niche are posting to stay in the game. The main reason I love it so much is because you are on peoples feeds that DON’T follow... Continue Reading →

Oh SH*T! Facebooks Massive Loss

Facebook lost about $119 billion of its value on Thursday, marking the biggest one-day loss in U.S. market history. What! How in the hell do you manage that one? Don't get me wrong, I love social media, I am a digital marketing agency owner but even lately I've been finding myself wanting to put more... Continue Reading →

Website Creation

If you are just starting out you don't want to spend a large expense like a web developer for your website. I highly suggest, that you invest in either of these three: WordPress GoDaddy SquareSpace I have used all three of those when I was first starting out and wanted to practice making some simple... Continue Reading →

Nike Handling Inequality

Inequality in pay has been an issue as far back as I can remember, mind you I am only 26 years old. Nike decided to hit the problem head-on by restructuring their bonus system and giving 7,000 employees raises. This is a great move for pay equality and also, in my opinion, I think it... Continue Reading →

Basic Business Letter Template

  [Name] [Title] [Company] [Street Address] [City, St Zip]   Insert Logo Here       [Today’s Date]   [Name of Recipient] [Title] [Company] [Address] [City, St Zip]   Dear [Name of Recipient]:             Sincerely,     [Name] [Title]     Enclosures: # CC:

Employment Reference Check – Free Templates

Employment Reference Check   [Your Business] [Street Address] [City, State and Zip Code]   [Date]   [Former Employer] [Street Address] [City, State and Zip Code]   Re: Reference for [Applicant Name] [Social Security Number] [Position Held at Former Employer] [Dates of employment] [Provide information supplied by applicant for identification purposes.]   Dear [Former Employer]:  ... Continue Reading →

Strengths and Weaknesses Checklist

The chart below will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and will give you a better idea of whether you’re ready to become a small business owner. Examine each of the skills areas listed in the chart.  Ask yourself whether you possess some or all of the skills listed in the parentheses.  Then rate... Continue Reading →

Goals & Why They Are Important

If you follow SK Marketing Group on Instagram, then I apologize for reiteratting what I said on my LIVE session this morning. GOALS! I am not talking about the soccer term either, although that World Cup was crazy! I am talking about the ones you set for yourself & company to continue to grow. Whether... Continue Reading →

Customer Satisfaction Survey – Free Template

Customer Satisfaction Survey Instructions Customer satisfaction is the key to success.  You want customers to be happy with the products and services you provide.  If they feel they have received good value for their money, your business will prosper.  Getting your customers to tell you what’s good about your business, and where you need improvement,... Continue Reading →

General Partnership Agreement – Free Templates

GENERAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT OF [PARTNERSHIP NAME]   This agreement is between [Partner1 Name], [Partner1 Name], [and] [Partner1 Name] (collectively and professionally known as “[Partnership Name]”).   RECITALS   The partners have been operating a business (the “Prior Partnership”) under an oral partnership agreement (the “Prior Agreement”) as of [Month Day, Year].   The partners wish... Continue Reading →

ARTWORK RELEASE – Free Templates

This artwork release is made by OWNER FULL NAME, an individual (the “Owner”), in favor of PRODUCER/FILMMAKER NAME, IN CAPITAL LETTERS, a[n] State of Organization, if not an individual [corporation] [general partnership][individual][limited liability company][limited liability partnership][limited partnership][sole proprietorship][other] (the “Filmmaker”).   PERMISSION TO USE ARTWORK.   In consideration of the payment of $Amount, [t][T]he Filmmaker... Continue Reading →


This pet sitting agreement is between OWNER NAME, IN CAPITAL LETTERS, an individual (the “Owner”), and SITTER NAME, IN CAPITAL LETTERS, a[n] [individual][limited liability company][sole proprietorship][Other] (the “Sitter”).   The Owner is the owner of the following animals: Pet Name1 [and PetName2] (the “Pets”).   The Sitter is an experienced pet sitter.   The parties... Continue Reading →

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