10 Steps Towards Becoming An Influencer

Here are 10 steps towards becoming an influencer in today's world. Find the niche, become the niche, be obsessed. Plan it out, strategize Be social Content is KING Build a community DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS. I REPEAT. DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS. Network online and in real life Create a stunning website to represent your brand... Continue Reading →

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Only within the past few years has influencer marketing skyrocketed due to the exposure of social media. When a person on any social platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) have a large following businesses or brands will take advantage of that and set them up with "discount codes", send them their merchandise to represent & all they... Continue Reading →

5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Costing You

Through the years of working in the digital marketing and social media world, I have found out my top 5 mistakes that are costing you engagement and following on your social media accounts. Buying Instagram followers or likes Inconsistent posting or no prior scheduling Not posting original content Poor grammar and spelling Not engaging with... Continue Reading →

Social Media Marketing Myth #3

"Your business needs to be on every platform." No. There are different social media platforms for a reason, for different markets of people. Twitter: Short writing Facebook: Promotions, long articles Instagram: Photos & Videos Pinterest: Search Engine LinkedIn: Professional Networking Snapchat: Personal Photo Sharing, not professional Above you will see the top social media platforms... Continue Reading →

Social Media Marketing Myth #1

The biggest myth in the digital marketing world is that social media marketing is free. Yea, social media is free. For now at least. But social media marketing, however, is not free. It is pretty expensive. Yea, you can do campaigns for as little as $10, but you won’t get the results you’re looking for... Continue Reading →

Captain Marvel’s Smart Move

For anyone who loves Marvel, knows that they just released the trailer for Captain Marvel. Watch it now below, if you haven't. Looks awesome right? I am excited. Anyways. You're probably wondering why I am talking about Captain Marvel though and how it relates to marketing. The release date of Captain Marvel is March 8th,... Continue Reading →

Snapchat, Seeking Ad Revenue, Launches Partnerships With 25 Media Companies — socialmediaexpertsite

Today Snapchat parent company Snap, Inc. announced new partnerships with 25 media companies to create daily content for its Our Stories product. These partners, which range from traditional media outlets and longtime Snap partners like CNN and NBC to digital publishers like Refinery29 and LADbible, influencer platform Whalar and sports media upstart Wave, will release… […]... Continue Reading →

Twitter Analytics

If you are on Twitter & haven't checked out their analytics page you are crazy. Out of all the social platforms, Twitter has the BEST analytics. As you can see in the above photo, it starts off with a quick 28-day summary. Then it breaks it down by each month with the top tweet, mention... Continue Reading →

What No One Tells You

When you are starting out on your entrepreneurial journey in the digital marketing world, a lot of people tend to think that their business has to be on every social media platform. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. I really do get asked this a lot in my coaching sessions. You... Continue Reading →

How I Got 3 New Clients In 30 Minutes

In the three years that I have run my digital marketing business, I have learned a valuable and time-saving lesson. Simple Always Wins I am self-taught and been in the digital marketing world since I could learn how to use a computer. I have read countless books, articles, watched numerous videos & webinars. At the... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Amazon

Amazon hit an amazing milestone, one that only a business dreams of. Amazon crossed the $1 Trillion mark in value just after Apple did last month. It only took 165 days to go from $600 Billion to $1 Trillion. What are your thoughts on this?

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