10 Steps Towards Becoming An Influencer

Here are 10 steps towards becoming an influencer in today's world. Find the niche, become the niche, be obsessed. Plan it out, strategize Be social Content is KING Build a community DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS. I REPEAT. DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS. Network online and in real life Create a stunning website to represent your brand... Continue Reading →

What To Do Without WiFi

I decided to challenge myself and remove wifi from my life while I was on vacation. Here are the results. 1. Learn a new skillFor me, learning how to change my car's oil & put on a new set of brake pads. Very eye-opening. 2. I upped my reading, adding three books to my normal... Continue Reading →

I Apologize

To all my loyal followers, I apologize for not posting over the past two weeks; I had a vacation that was calling my name, Comcast screwed up the wifi at my office & it is a hell of a week. Anyways. Now that I'm back you can expect lots of value coming your way! Thank... Continue Reading →

How To: Monetize On Instagram

A question I get asked frequently is, "How do I make money on Instagram"? It is actually a lot simpler than you may imagine. Keep in mind, there isn't only one way to monetize off of Instagram. Influencer Marketing Have a lot of followers on Instagram, you could make money being an influencer in your... Continue Reading →

How To Increase Your Vocabulary

As you all know I have been working hard on expanding my vocabulary and upgrade my writing. I was turned on to Grammarly and it has helped me grow as a writer with measurable results. With the name of Grammarly, it isn't a surprise there isn't any help with growing my vocabulary. I did some research... Continue Reading →

Facebook Quick Tip Of The Day

Do you ever feel as if your Facebook news feed is filled with pages you really don't care about or even worse, don't remember even following? You may have cared for it at some point in time but now it is irrelevant. Well here is a quick way to bulk unfollow all those  Facebook pages,... Continue Reading →

How To: Turn Off Commenting On IG

I get asked a lot about how to turn off comments on Instagram. It is super simple. Log into your account & go to your profile. Find the photo you would like to turn the comments off for. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right-hand side. Click "Turn Off Commenting"

How To: Delete Photos From IG

FAQ question answered! Super simple and easy to follow. If you are still having troubles, it could be a glitch within the app, close it down and try again. Hope it helps! 1.Open the IG app on your mobile phone. 2. Go to your profile and click on the photo you would like to delete.... Continue Reading →

How To: Not SUCK At Writing

Download Grammarly. No, seriously..go and download Grammarly right now. I have always had my share of struggles when it came to writing. I never was a fan of English class growing up and reading was the last thing you would catch me doing. I challenged myself to start a blog to increase my reading and... Continue Reading →

How To: Become Verified On Instagram

As of right now, any regular person cannot be verified, only public figures & famous people of the sorts are verified. Instagram doesn’t currently accept requests to be verified but there are loop holes. If you hire an agency or know someone who works at Instagram, you can pay to get the verified badge. The... Continue Reading →

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