Instagram’s Latest Feature: Video Tagging

Instagram is a fun & inviting way for people to learn about your brand. BUT! One of the missing features DROVE ME CRAZY! When you post a video, you cannot tag people in it. Which really killed peoples reach & discovery on video projects. NOW! Instagram has rolled out for select users, a video tagging... Continue Reading →

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How To: Improve Your Writing Quality Quickly

You have most definitely heard me discuss Grammarly before and that is because I LOVE IT. I decided almost a year ago that I was going to challenge myself to write a blog so I can expand my writing habits, vocabulary & hopefully turn it into a hobby. (Grammarly has already fixed three issues since... Continue Reading →

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Always Go The Extra Mile

If there is anything I have learned in my never-ending journey of entrepreneurship it is that going the extra mile is ALWAYS worth it. You never know what could come your way which is all the more reason to do everything you can to grow & succeed. I am sure you have heard of the... Continue Reading →

Captain Marvel’s Smart Move

For anyone who loves Marvel, knows that they just released the trailer for Captain Marvel. Watch it now below, if you haven't. Looks awesome right? I am excited. Anyways. You're probably wondering why I am talking about Captain Marvel though and how it relates to marketing. The release date of Captain Marvel is March 8th,... Continue Reading →

How To: Monetize On Instagram

A question I get asked frequently is, "How do I make money on Instagram"? It is actually a lot simpler than you may imagine. Keep in mind, there isn't only one way to monetize off of Instagram. Influencer Marketing Have a lot of followers on Instagram, you could make money being an influencer in your... Continue Reading →

SEO Quick Tip Of The Day

This one is so simple it hurts, but people don't realize it helps with SEO. Advertise your company online including social media. If you are a blogger, you should be utilizing Pinterest & creating infographics. Also, a great place to share your blog for free is Mix, the company that bought StumbleUpon. Build complete social... Continue Reading →

How To Increase Your Vocabulary

As you all know I have been working hard on expanding my vocabulary and upgrade my writing. I was turned on to Grammarly and it has helped me grow as a writer with measurable results. With the name of Grammarly, it isn't a surprise there isn't any help with growing my vocabulary. I did some research... Continue Reading →

SEO Tip Of The Day

Not all backlinks are created equally. With that being said. Google gives more value to incoming links that are from high ranked pages vs an upcoming blog not many have heard of yet. Some great ways to get incoming links: Guest blogging Press releases Social media Linking with other bloggers Don't go putting your links... Continue Reading →

SEO Quick Tip Of The Day

Today's search engine optimization tip of the day is a simple one. Add content to your website on a regular basis. Every time you add content to your website, it is updated & tells Google that you are an active website. Search engines use content to spider & index your pages for search results, without... Continue Reading →

Facebook Tip: STOP! Doing This

Another Facebook quick tip of the day for you all. STOP. ADDING. PEOPLE. TO. YOUR. FACEBOOK. GROUP. WITHOUT. ASKING. I can't tell you how many times a week I have to "leave groups" because I was added without my knowledge. I am sure your group is great but by adding people without asking it will... Continue Reading →

Facebook Quick Tip Of The Day

Do you ever feel as if your Facebook news feed is filled with pages you really don't care about or even worse, don't remember even following? You may have cared for it at some point in time but now it is irrelevant. Well here is a quick way to bulk unfollow all those  Facebook pages,... Continue Reading →

SEO Tip Of The Day: Keywords

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nothing without the proper use of keywords, seriously though. Without them, search engines can't find your website. If search engines can't find your website then your website is pointless. How are you guys liking the SEO tip of the day segment? Beneficial? If you have a specific SEO struggle, let... Continue Reading →

SEO Quick Tip Of The Day

Backlinks are super important and crucial to your SEO success! But! Stop building a mass amount of links on directories. Stick with directories that are of higher quality (Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google+, etc.) and add relevance to your brand. Make sure you are always putting your links on relevant websites. You want the right people coming... Continue Reading →

Snapchat, Seeking Ad Revenue, Launches Partnerships With 25 Media Companies — socialmediaexpertsite

Today Snapchat parent company Snap, Inc. announced new partnerships with 25 media companies to create daily content for its Our Stories product. These partners, which range from traditional media outlets and longtime Snap partners like CNN and NBC to digital publishers like Refinery29 and LADbible, influencer platform Whalar and sports media upstart Wave, will release… […]... Continue Reading →

How To: Turn Off Commenting On IG

I get asked a lot about how to turn off comments on Instagram. It is super simple. Log into your account & go to your profile. Find the photo you would like to turn the comments off for. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right-hand side. Click "Turn Off Commenting"

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