Becoming a LinkedIn Pro

LinkedIn became popular while I was in college, just after the turn of the decade. In school, we had an administrator that pushed LinkedIn and because of that, I stuck with the site.

I landed my first client from LinkedIn for a cool $4K per month.

LinkedIn is often referred to as a professional version of Facebook, a statement I agree wholeheartedly with. LinkedIn works the same as Facebook by way of positioning articles and photos, as well as tagging others and use different tools within the site.

As far as content goes, the site is pure value. Obviously LinkedIn is not the place to post family photos or pictures from your weekend, but its your way to grow an impressive professional network.

Begin simply by starting with creating a profile. LinkedIn will serve as your online resume where you can delve into your various job descriptions as well as have people endorse your skills and leave recommendation.

After creating your profile, reach out to people you know, your current employer, past employers and co-workers. Endorse their skills where applicable and keep that professional relationship going.

After all business is about who you know. This allows you to reach out to influencers, others in your field, potential clients. employees,  and competition. The possibilities with LinkedIn are endless.

Also in your profile, you will put your education level which has the potential to allow you to reach out to current students and alumni who have been in your field before giving you extra benefits to help your career.

The basic version for LinkedIn is free, however, they do have other types of accounts as well that are costly.

Interested in learning more on how to become a LinkedIn pro, check out the link below.

Time Management

Time management is one of the most important skills you need to master in order to succeed.
I personally hate when people waste my time, every conversation or meeting should be valuable for both parties.
I founded a platform within the LGBT community, two months ago. We are going live this month & it’s already global. Within these two months, I have learned a lot about time management & the importance of it in the world of business.
One of my major struggles was feeling as if I wasn’t splitting my time accurately between both of my companies, let alone my family & social life. On Sunday evening, I write out my goals for the week & I also write down how I am going to get there.
I do this because in that moment I have the time to really think the best option through, so come the time I start to waste time by “over-thinking” I can know that I already made the most sound decision.
Think about it? Right now, how many hours a week do you spend over thinking happenings or what ifs? How many hours within a day?
You’ll notice a huge change in your aspect of time.
I promise it is okay to say no to people. This one was very hard for me to break a habit of. Instead of wasting your time with future meetings that you know aren’t going to lead to something, just say no. Fill that time with time for prospecting or responding to emails.
I hate tardiness. If you reach out to me prior saying your stuck in traffic, totally okay. If you show up to the meeting 10 minutes late with a hot coffee & sandwich, I will get up and walk away. Be smart. Schedule lunch meetings! Kill two birds with one stone.
Get gas the night before, write down your TO-DO list while it is still fresh in your mind. Pick one day out of the work week to do your out of office meetings & let the rest of the week be for all your pressing matters. Sticky notes are awesome for time management.

Facebook Versions, I LOVE Mine

SO we all know that at all times there are thousands of different versions of Facebook being tested. One of the features I had for about 4 months was a one click, invite all, for business pages. Just today, I noticed that they brought back the old version of having to click each and every one you wanted to invite. LAME.

Anyways, I noticed a new feature today! Now when you go on a profile, instead of the feed being confusing & jumbled (WHICH I HATED, BTW) you can now choose from “List View” or “Grid View”. List view is an organized chronological viewing of the feed & grid view is a picture snap shot of what each post was.

I personally LOVE THIS feature. I started to detract from Facebook for about 6 months & just recently I have found myself back on it for more personal reasons than business. The personal pages seem more clean & organized, good job with this one Facebook.

I presume there to be a lot more new features to come through the pipeline.

What is one Facebook feature that you LOVE!? Share your favorite in the comments below.

Snapchat Spectacles: Take 2

Snapchat is back in the news for their redesigned Spectacles. These light & fashionable V2 camera glasses are available for purchase on the Snapchat app or website for $150.

This is a perfect move for Snapchat right now & they are even working on getting a prescription option! Did I mention they are waterproof? Pretty cool, right?


What this means for us marketers, is that we will be able to purchase ads that are only seen within the spectacles. I think this will be a fun & creative way to get your brand seen, perfect for sporting good companies & outdoor fun companies. Snapchat claims that there is enough battery & memory to record and transfer 70 videos a week.

If you are interested in learning about what else Snapchat is up to, go & see our past posts here.

Square Is Making A Big Move

The payment system, Square, is making a really big purchase. That purchase would be for $365 million & the company known as, Weebly. Weebly has 675,000 paid subscribers & millions of users.

Twitter runs Square & this will allow them to gain access to all of Weebly’s subscribers & users. Weebly, in return, will recieve easier access to Square’s payment system.

With this purchase, we are hoping it will allow a single solution for starting & running businesses across physical and digital storefronts.


Tips For Dealing With Anxiety & Depression

Being a business owner, I deal with stress & anxiety quite often. Over the course of my 26 years alive, there are the tips & tricks that I have learned to work for me.

  1. GET A PUPPY! Well a dog in general, they are great companions & always make me feel better.
  2. Going for a walk around the block or to a local town center, getting fresh air does wonders!
  3. If you are artistically skilled then this one is for you. Doodle, draw, painting, sketching & drawing. I personal suck at these, but if you got the talent, rock it!
  4. I love doing puzzles, it helps me focus down & control my scatter brain.
  5. Listening to music!!!! I listen to all kinds of music from country to instrumental and rap.
  6. Adult coloring book!! So much fun & great therapy.
  7. Sudoku, crosswords & word searches are also tons of fun!
  8. Progressive muscle relaxation.
  9. Weight blankets help if you don’t have a person to cuddle with.
  10. Going to the gym! It isn’t for everyone but is a great way to release any emotion.
  11. Write music, poetry or in a journal. After my dad first died, I wrote a letter to him everyday & it helped me cope a lot.
  12. If you like to cook or bake, this is a great way to work away any anxiety.
  13. Go to a local dog park & sit on the bench & play with the puppies. If you can’t afford or have a dog of your own.
  14. Yoga & mediation & focusing on your breathing is a great way to slow your heart down.

I hope these tips help you as much as they help me!

Importance of Pinterest

I first found out about Pinterest in college back in 2010, I will admit, I used it as a distraction when I was bored in class. Little did I know that it was actually a valuable seach engine & seo gold mind.

At the beginning of 2018, Pinterest was sitting at about 175 million users. 85% are women & 45% have a median income of $60k. Why wouldn’t you want your business on there?

If you weren’t aware, Pinterest has buyable pins & promoted pins! 87% of users say Pinterst plays an influence in purchases. If you sell crafty items or your target market is women, this is your gold mine.

One of the reasons why I love Pinterest is because of its ease of use.  You create your boards, where your pins will be saved to. You can make descriptions for each board, which helps with seo. You can even create secret boards that are only visible to you. As far as I am aware, there is no limit to pins or boards.

If you haven’t gotten your business on Pinterest yet, do it.

7 Skills Marketers Need To Succeed

Digital marketing is no longer a position where you can know just how to run a few programs and ads. Digital marketing is a head on jack of all trades title now. If you are thinking about diving into the world of marketing, make sure you have these 7 skills to be able to survive.

  1. Analytics
  2. Social Media
  3. Data Visualization
  4. Technical Skills
  5. Teamwork
  6. Newsjacking
  7. Soft Skills

Analytics, if you have a data savvy mind, there is about 1.5 million jobs out there waiting for you, get going!

Social media is a hot item, if you can take $50 and turn it into 10,000 views on your client’s business page, then you will be picked up quickly.

Data visualization is soaring higher and higher. Consumers are 80% more likely to respond to your ad when it is in video form or an eye-catching infographic.

Technical skills, I know that if you can break down code & build up a wicked cool website, then you will be swooped up. Video production is in high demand right now.

The old saying of, “teamwork makes the dreamwork” is not that untrue. There will always be people who work better off alone but if you can clash minds together to build a larger version of what you are doing alone, wouldn’t you want to do it? Chances are if you work better alone, marketing probably isn’t the greatest thing for you.

I can’t tell you the last time I got breaking news first from a news agency. I log into twitter and I have all of my news, that I want to be notified of, immediately as it comes in. If you have your ears peeled and are able to get breaking news out first, you will be valuable.

Lastly, soft skills, no one will want to hire a rude, mean and uncommunicative person. Don’t be that person.


10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

If you are struggling in making a name for yourself in the Social Media Marketing world, follow these 10 laws to stand out!

  1. Law Of Listening
    1. The most important thing to do within social media is listen, listen to your followers, peers, customers.
  2. Law Of Focus
    1. Focus in on one section and become a master, don’t try and be the jack of all trades.
  3. Law Of Quality
    1. Your connections need to be of people that are going to be inspired by your content & learn. You would rather have 100 people share your content to more people that need it than 1000 people that don’t care.
  4. Law Of Patience
    1. Success in social media will not happen overnight, it takes hard work, dedication & a lot of patience.
  5. Law Of Compounding
    1. If your work is valuable, interesting & meaningful it will be shared by your followers on their pages & it will help index the search engines to see more people.
  6. Law Of Influence
    1. Find out who the influencers are in your area of expertise, reach out to them & build genuine connections. One day they might share your content to their followers.
  7. Law Of Value
    1. Always post valuable information. If you start posting all about your company, people will leave. I use the 80/20 rule, 80% business value & 20% self promotion. Content is King
  8. Law Of Acknowledgment
    1. You would never ignore someone face to face or on the phone, do not ignore the people that write comments, share, and are truly following you.
  9. Law Of Accessibility
    1. Don’t make a post and then vanish for a month. It will ruin your name & also people will unfollow you. No matter how good the content is.
  10. Law Of Reciprocity
    1. Don’t expect your followers to share your content, if you don’t share theirs.

Blockchain Technology & The Industries Being Effected

In 1991 Blockchain technology started & allowed for digital timestamps to be a thing. Blockchains are a chain of blocks that contains information, data, hash, and the hash from the previous block & the new way to manage trust.

Hash: The fingerprint that identifies the content of the block

I am sure you have heard of Bitcoin, Bitcoin blocks store info from a transaction:



Amount of transaction

The first block of a chain is called, genesis. Changing a block will make all the following blocks invalid which is why it is such a smart way to hold authenticity and privacy. When you join a blockchain you will get a copy of the full blockchain. When a new block is created, it is sent to everyone in the peer network & checked for tampering. It is pretty close to impossible to be able to tamper with a block and get away with it.

Did you know that it takes 10 minutes to create a new block for Bitcoin?

Here are 19 industries that are being effected by Blockchain Technology:

  1. Banking/Payment Services
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Forecasting
  5. Networking
  6. Insurance
  7. Private Transportation/ Ride Sharing
  8. Cloud Storage
  9. Charity
  10. Voting
  11. Government
  12. Public Benefits
  13. Healthcare
  14. Energy Management
  15. Online Music
  16. Retail
  17. Real Estate
  18. Crowdfunding
  19. Your Industry
    1. If you use data, you will be effected.