5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Costing You

Through the years of working in the digital marketing and social media world, I have found out my top 5 mistakes that are costing you engagement and following on your social media accounts. Buying Instagram followers or likes Inconsistent posting or no prior scheduling Not posting original content Poor grammar and spelling Not engaging with... Continue Reading →

How Instagram Is Stopping Bullies

For those of you who don't know, besides being a digital marketer, I am also a suicide prevention specialist and founder of Safe Haven Suicide Prevention & Awareness. Within our group I discuss the hard taboo topics of suicide, depression, bullying, coming out & more; with no filter, I lay it all out on the table... Continue Reading →

A Common Social Media Mistake

Everyone and their mother is now a "social media marketer" it seems like these days, but there is one way to tell the real ones from the fake ones. Consistency Sending out one tweet to Twitter, posting one picture to Instagram, posting one status to your Facebook page and adding one pin on Pinterest a... Continue Reading →

The Talk Of A New Social Media

A huge question that has been being asked for the past few months is, "Will there be a new social media platform?". I don't have a solid answer, but I can tell you what will probably happen based on current events. Instagram's founders, Mike Krieger, and Kevin Systrom left Instagram about a month ago to... Continue Reading →

Next Up In Scandals: Google

Oh Google, you only stay at the top by being the best & being honest. You have never heard me talk about Google + except in general terms for the sole fact that, I never used it. To me, it was just another social networking platform. Every major corporation has gone through a data scandal,... Continue Reading →

Social Media Marketing Myth #3

"Your business needs to be on every platform." No. There are different social media platforms for a reason, for different markets of people. Twitter: Short writing Facebook: Promotions, long articles Instagram: Photos & Videos Pinterest: Search Engine LinkedIn: Professional Networking Snapchat: Personal Photo Sharing, not professional Above you will see the top social media platforms... Continue Reading →

Social Media Marketing Myth #1

The biggest myth in the digital marketing world is that social media marketing is free. Yea, social media is free. For now at least. But social media marketing, however, is not free. It is pretty expensive. Yea, you can do campaigns for as little as $10, but you won’t get the results you’re looking for... Continue Reading →

Pinterest’s Latest Update

You all know how much I LOVE PINTEREST! Well, Tuesday they came out with a new update! The "More Ideas Tab" is here and helps with similar pin recommendations based off of your activity. This is a great addition since a lot of people seemed lost after they took away the search section of the... Continue Reading →

Voice Commands Coming To Facebook

We all know and love the AI technology of Alexa and being able to send messages, make phone calls and more with just speaking out loud. Well, the love of voice commands is coming to Facebook. Soon you will be able to use Facebook Messenger just by using your voice. Stay tuned as we learn... Continue Reading →

The Beginning Of The End For Facebook

In my last post, I spoke more on the matter of Facebook's decline in users. Within three years teens aged 13-17 are 21% LESS on Facebook now. Even employees are seeing a decline in workplace environment happiness down from 95% to 91%, granted 91% is still great it does support the case of Facebook starting... Continue Reading →

Instagram Is Coming For You College Students

There is water cooler chatter of a new feature for college students on the popular social networking site, Instagram. They are working on creating a community for college students to connect with others that are studying on the same campus. Not sure if you remember, but this is precisely how Facebook originally started out, solely for... Continue Reading →

What To Do Without WiFi

I decided to challenge myself and remove wifi from my life while I was on vacation. Here are the results. 1. Learn a new skillFor me, learning how to change my car's oil & put on a new set of brake pads. Very eye-opening. 2. I upped my reading, adding three books to my normal... Continue Reading →

I Apologize

To all my loyal followers, I apologize for not posting over the past two weeks; I had a vacation that was calling my name, Comcast screwed up the wifi at my office & it is a hell of a week. Anyways. Now that I'm back you can expect lots of value coming your way! Thank... Continue Reading →

SEO Tip Of The Day

Make sure your theme is SEO optimized Is your theme mobile friendly? Is it clean coded? Is your speed fast enough? Make sure you have an SSL domain Are there any broken links? Is your content original? Whenever choosing a theme new or old, you must make sure the above 6 questions are answered. If... Continue Reading →

SEO Quick Tip Of The Day

I talk about backlinks a lot but that is because they work & are vital to your SEO ranking. However, NEVER BUY BACKLINKS Yay, you have extra money lying around, that is great. You will never outsmart Google so I warn you not to try. Not only will Google find out, but they will ban... Continue Reading →

Always Go The Extra Mile

If there is anything I have learned in my never-ending journey of entrepreneurship it is that going the extra mile is ALWAYS worth it. You never know what could come your way which is all the more reason to do everything you can to grow & succeed. I am sure you have heard of the... Continue Reading →

Captain Marvel’s Smart Move

For anyone who loves Marvel, knows that they just released the trailer for Captain Marvel. Watch it now below, if you haven't. Looks awesome right? I am excited. Anyways. You're probably wondering why I am talking about Captain Marvel though and how it relates to marketing. The release date of Captain Marvel is March 8th,... Continue Reading →

How To: Monetize On Instagram

A question I get asked frequently is, "How do I make money on Instagram"? It is actually a lot simpler than you may imagine. Keep in mind, there isn't only one way to monetize off of Instagram. Influencer Marketing Have a lot of followers on Instagram, you could make money being an influencer in your... Continue Reading →

SEO Quick Tip Of The Day

This one is so simple it hurts, but people don't realize it helps with SEO. Advertise your company online including social media. If you are a blogger, you should be utilizing Pinterest & creating infographics. Also, a great place to share your blog for free is Mix, the company that bought StumbleUpon. Build complete social... Continue Reading →

How To Increase Your Vocabulary

As you all know I have been working hard on expanding my vocabulary and upgrade my writing. I was turned on to Grammarly and it has helped me grow as a writer with measurable results. With the name of Grammarly, it isn't a surprise there isn't any help with growing my vocabulary. I did some research... Continue Reading →

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