What Is Influencer Marketing?

Only within the past few years has influencer marketing skyrocketed due to the exposure of social media. When a person on any social platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) have a large following businesses or brands will take advantage of that and set them up with “discount codes”, send them their merchandise to represent & all they have to do is post it to their account.

If you know how to work the algorithms of social media platforms then influencer marketing can be a great side hustle. Influencers have been around ever since celebrities became a thing but even just you and I can get anywhere from $9 to $1k+ per post.

Don’t get it twisted, no one can just post a random post to a social platform and overnight become an influencer. It takes strategy, planning, patience & branding and a lot of it. Influencers have a niche they work in, for example, entrepreneurship, so they would only want to work with brands that relate back to their following.

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