The Power Of “Dark Mode”

Twitter is the leader when it comes to “dark mode”, they invented it & the world is thankful for it. Once I tried dark mode on Twitter, I haven’t gone back and that was years ago, seriously. Let’s be real, no one trusts someone who doesn’t have their account on dark mode.

Anyways, Facebook is thinking of jumping on the bandwagon of “dark mode” for their messenger app. I personally only use messenger for one person and that is my boyfriend’s nana because she doesn’t like to text on a phone so it is easier. Other than that, I don’t use the messenger app & I know a lot of people that don’t even have it on their phone.


Do I think people will start using it more because they now have a “dark mode”; no Will it help? Maybe, they will get a slight increase but nothing to jump high for. The dark mode is simply an aesthetic with a health benefit. The blue screen light that emits from the normal messenger screen disrupts your sleep, whereas the “dark mode” will deter from that.

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