I Always Love A Good Scandal

Did you know?

Dating as far back to 2012, which may feel like yesterday but actually was 7 years ago, Facebook had unfettered access to hundreds of millions of users’ unencrypted passwords.

Go ahead and reread that for a minute.

Okay, so now that this has settled in for you. Do you plan to continue using Facebook? The answer is yes because our nation is addicted to social media and care more about knowing what is going on in other peoples lives than the fact our data is freely floating in internet space. May have been harsh, but it is true and you know it.

Facebook claims that this was found through a routine security check, wonder if that is true.

It is truly sad, how addicted to social media we are, family time now consists of everyone sitting in the same room on their phones. Or worse, having to fight with them to not be on them and be present in the room.

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