A Major Lesson I Learned

When I decided I was going to run a digital marketing agency, I thought that I had to be able to master all of the social platforms. This was a major problem for me because my product wasn’t consistent across the board. If you want to succeed your production needs to be consistently great with a steady improvement as time goes on.

For me, this means hitting restart. I am going to start working with clients on one platform and as everything balances out we will continue to add more platforms. Sometimes starting small is best and not “go big or go home”. Lessons learned.

The social platform that I connect best with and run is Pinterest. So for me, it would be best to restart SK at a slow and steady pace starting with Pinterest Marketing & Consulting. Starting today, I will be only accepting Pinterest Marketing & Consulting projects, if this is something of interest for you, drop a comment and I will reach out to you to discuss your goals.

You will start to see a few changes here and there on our blog, but they are all for the better. Thank you to all the loyal followers & readers for finding my posts to be good enough to read! I hope to continue to help as time goes on.


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