Failure Is A Part Of The Process

Unfortunately, the best way to learn is from your failures. Everybody hates failing, it is natural to want to succeed even on your first try. It just isn’t something that always happens.

SK Marketing Group hasn’t been nearly as successful as I was expecting, but I have learned more over the past few years than I ever expected to. Starting SK got me back into reading & setting goals & challenging myself daily. Since I have started reading more, I have noticed certain parts of my business that I am certainly doing wrong, that I wouldn’t have seen without reading some of the books I have come across. Things will never go as you plan them, so expect the unexpected.

It is important to set goals for yourself, in the short term, to measure your progression but it is so much more important to set future goals to ensure continued growth & adaptation to the needs of the market. Being focused on the future of your company is just as important as being focused on the current state. If choose not to pay any attention to the future of your company, then you are sure to fail and fail hard.

I am taking the time to re-invent SK Marketing Group after learning from my massive failures within it. It is going to be painful and take time but without failure, there is no growth.

What has been the biggest struggle or failure for you when you first started your company?

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