How To: Like A Facebook Page As Your Page

There are tons of changes within Facebook on what seems to be a daily basis. One that not many people tend to understand is “Like A Facebook Page As Your Own”

Liking A Facebook Page As Your Page
Like As Your Page

As you can see above 4 rows down, there is a “Like As Your Page” button. When you click on that you have now liked the page as your page, not your personal account.

For example; I would like it as SK Marketing Group not Katie Sullivan.

Why Would I Want To Do This?

Good question.

You want to do this so you can interact with the company on a B2B level. This is important & vital for partnerships as well as other things.

For example, I work with a client called VIP Luna Rentals & they had this company before mine that created ANOTHER Facebook page for no reason & now I have duplicate pages which can cause confusion and misdirection.

By liking this page as the current & active VIP page I am able to write a post on their wall stating that this is no longer an active page please follow this new one for all company updates until we are able to remove this page.

It is a frustrating situation but that is not what this blog post is about.

Other benefits to liking a page as your own are as follows:

  1. You can’t comment on another Page as your Page unless you Like it as your Page first.
  2. You get more visibility as your Page when you comment on another Page (but don’t be spammy!)
  3. You get a special News Feed of just the Pages that your Page has liked when you click Home when you are logged in as your Page.  The News Feed will really help you keep track of all the Pages that you want to see and separate them out from your personal News Feed.

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