Pinterest Quick Tip

I get asked quite often how I am able to get over 10k views a month rather quickly and continue to keep climbing. This is also the #1 mistake novice Pinterest users make.

Pay Attention To Details

It really is rather simple, I can’t tell you how many times I see pins that aren’t fully filled out. The description section is empty almost always, how do you expect people to find your pins if there aren’t any keywords in the description?

It takes all of five seconds to fill out a description, for example, with this post I will be pinning and the description will read as follows: “Number One Mistake Novice Pinterest Users Make”. I could also put “-Pinterest Quick Tip”. Keywords are vital to your pins success, without it no one will find your pin.


Using Correct Picture Format

Pinterest users respond to infographics better than any other style of image. Unsure of what an infographic is? See below

Sample Infographic

By using one of these as your image, your pin traffic will skyrocket. Also, make sure you have a valid link for people to click through to your website.

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