Build A Community You Can Be Proud Of

I have been on Facebook as far as I can remember when it comes to the internet. I used to be in groups that were related to my high school but that was about it until I started my entrepreneurial journey. Then I realized how useful Facebook Groups can be.

Starting a Facebook Group can change the game for you if you do it correctly.

  1. Do not under any circumstances add people to your group without their permission, it will only hurt your engagement stats and they aren’t adding any value. Also, it could put a negative taste in their mouth of your group by being added without permission.
  2. Bring value. Everyone in the group is there for a reason because they want access to exclusive information that you are providing on a specific topic. For example, I have a Suicide Prevention & Awareness group, everyone in there is seeking information on that topic. Every day I have a “value bomb” I post and then I make sure to add more value by posting “Did you know” segments and then of course building discussion posts.
  3. Honesty. Be honest, if you don’t know the answer to something, that is okay. Someone else in the group may know the answer and that is what a community is good for. Multiple people bringing different aspects of knowledge to one topic.
  4. Share. Spread the word about your group, encourage your members to do the same, the more your group grows the better it will become.
  5. Partner. No one can do everything themselves, trust me I have tried and failed multiple times. Bring on people to help within the group, whether it is with monitoring the rules, adding value posts, or simple customer service style help. For my group, I have about 5 admins that assist in posting content, weeding out people breaking the rules and helping build discussion. *Choose your admins/moderators wisely*

Building a group isn’t rocket science by any means, but keeping the discussions and engagement rolling takes time and effort so don’t think you can just create the group and do nothing else.

Below is an example of a cover photo I have used in the past to help drive traffic and new members to our group. This is just one of the tactics I use in bringing in new members.

*When you click on the photo, make sure you put the link in the description to direct curious users*

Join the Safe Haven Community.png

Do you have a group? Drop a comment with the link & a tip that has helped you grow your community.

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