How Instagram Is Stopping Bullies

For those of you who don’t know, besides being a digital marketer, I am also a suicide prevention specialist and founder of Safe Haven Suicide Prevention & Awareness. Within our group I discuss the hard taboo topics of suicide, depression, bullying, coming out & more; with no filter, I lay it all out on the table to wake people up to the startling realism of youth suicide rates.

So you can imagine how excited I was this morning when I came across an article on Instagram and how they are combating bullies. As far as I know, Instagram is the first of the platforms to make an initiative against bullies.

As you can see below, Instagram is now allowing you to be able to block comments that are offensive on your photos. I can’t help but wonder if it was triggered by the passing of Mac Miller recently and fans went onto Ariana Grande’s social media attacking her and blaming her for his death. Regardless of how it came about, it is very much needed.

Teens are subject to online bullying every day on top of the harassment they may also receive in person at school or work. I wish I could say that the bullying stops after you graduate but it doesn’t, those bullies continue on in the work environment as well.

“Rates of depression in youth are rising, 76% of youth are left with no help with severe depression.”

Thank you, Instagram for making a strong effort to lessen the control of bullies.

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