A Common Social Media Mistake

Everyone and their mother is now a “social media marketer” it seems like these days, but there is one way to tell the real ones from the fake ones.


Sending out one tweet to Twitter, posting one picture to Instagram, posting one status to your Facebook page and adding one pin on Pinterest a day will not do anything for your brand.

You HAVE to be consistent in your social media posting to keep your brand in front of the consumer’s eyes. No one is going to go searching for your profile unless you are companies like Nike or Apple so you can forget that approach.

First, you need to develop a social media plan to keep consistent. I personally make a calendar & fill in my topics for the days and then sit down, create the posts, schedule them & continue on with my day of tasks. (Content scheduling can be time-consuming, try to schedule one day a week to write your content)

Scheduling posts are key to consistency, we all have last minute meetings or emergencies that can bar us from being able to post our content at all let alone on time. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest you will be able to schedule out content.

Scheduling Platforms

Twitter: TweetDeck

Facebook: Internal

Instagram: Tailwind

Pinterest: Tailwind 

I use all three of those platforms for my content scheduling and they work great. Please note: Tailwind will cost you after you schedule a certain number of pins, to continue to use the platform.

Consistency is key.

How many times a day should I be posting?

There is no right answer to this question and honestly, I wouldn’t spend too much time focusing on this question. Facebook only shows what is most popular and engaging so timing doesn’t matter, Instagram; just don’t post all your photos at once because it will crowd the feed which will lead to unfollowing, Pinterest it truly doesn’t matter, Twitter loves accounts that tweet often.

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