The Beginning Of The End For Facebook

In my last post, I spoke more on the matter of Facebook’s decline in users. Within three years teens aged 13-17 are 21% LESS on Facebook now. Even employees are seeing a decline in workplace environment happiness down from 95% to 91%, granted 91% is still great it does support the case of Facebook starting to go downhill.

It may not come to a shock for some of you like all of 2017/2018 we have been hearing about the scandals and privacy issues Facebook has been battling. Is this a part of the decline, I am sure it is not helping their case.

It is true, if you ask someone under 30 years old about Facebook you will hear them talk about Instagram more and if you ask someone older than 30 years old you will hear them discuss staying in touch with friends and family.

Should Facebook start to deteriorate, the company will survive thanks to the smart business purchase of Instagram.

But, what does this mean for social media? Is there a new platform on the rise? Will social media finally start to die down after consuming our lives for 14 years?

These questions will only be answered in time & it will be interesting.

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