Instagram Is Coming For You College Students

There is water cooler chatter of a new feature for college students on the popular social networking site, Instagram. They are working on creating a community for college students to connect with others that are studying on the same campus.

Not sure if you remember, but this is precisely how Facebook originally started out, solely for college students, before opening up to the world.

As of right now, there is no date of launch, but they are currently testing the idea with fellow college Instagram users. They will receive a message asking if they would love to join the community, that will make it easier to connect with locals at your campus. Should you decide to accept and participate, you will have to verify your university and graduation year.

Once accepted, an individual will be able to send messages directly to the group and also view a story for the group. This reminds me slightly of how SnapChat’s group messages work.

Should the trial become a success, you will see Instagram roll out with the feature with extra options as well.

This is a smart move for Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, who has seen a 21% drop in users aged 13-17 within the last three years.

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