What To Do Without WiFi

I decided to challenge myself and remove wifi from my life while I was on vacation. Here are the results.

1. Learn a new skill

For me, learning how to change my car’s oil & put on a new set of brake pads. Very eye-opening.

2. I upped my reading, adding three books to my normal one read a week.

3. Relax & enjoy the past times; video games.

4. Replacing time that I would usually play on my phone or scroll through social media was going for a walk or run. (I learned how out of shape I am)

5. Pick up an old hobby, puzzles! I knocked out 2 1000 piece puzzles on vacation & I discovered how much I miss building puzzles.

6. Instead of talking to my friends over text message, I invited them over to play board games. No phones.

Try and implement one of these in your life. Step away from grips of the internet.

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