Captain Marvel’s Smart Move

For anyone who loves Marvel, knows that they just released the trailer for Captain Marvel. Watch it now below, if you haven’t.

Looks awesome right? I am excited.


You’re probably wondering why I am talking about Captain Marvel though and how it relates to marketing.

The release date of Captain Marvel is March 8th, 2019. For those who don’t know, March 8th is National Women’s Day in the United States. This was incredibly smart of Marvel to do.


  1. People love being acknowledged, especially women
  2. It is empowering to women
  3. Helps bring awareness to the day

To be honest, I never knew a day existed but now I do and I will be sure to celebrate. This movie is already going to be bringing lots of women to the theatres because you don’t see many women lead actresses in superhero movies & now tying it to an empowering day they will see a large increase in sales. Women will look at Marvel as a brand that cares about women & empowering women.

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