You Are Losing Clients By Doing This AND This

It baffles me how some companies run their businesses & treat their clients & somehow are STILL OPEN. When I first started working for myself, I made a promise that I would never do the things to my clients that I have had done to me, that ended with frustration & no more relationship.

I am talking about customer service and responding back to clients or potential clients in a timely fashion. Most times when a new client contacts you for an inquiry, they have sent the same message to a couple similar companies. I can tell you for certain, 9 times out of 10 the first person to respond is the one who gets the client, so why wouldn’t you jump on the chance?

Just this morning, I received a phone call from a new business connection that I made this week through my non-profit organization (not even my marketing company) & she knew that I had a marketing firm as well. She called me in a straight panic because her normal marketing person decided that being non-responsive was the best option, until the last-minute response of “not going to make today’s meeting” & basically terminating working with her and leaving her hanging.

I don’t care if we are talking about a romantic relationship or a business relationship or even a friendship, COMMUNICATION is mandatory. We are all human, we all make mistakes, things pop up, etc. but for me, if things pop-up I call my client immediately & before doing anything else I reschedule or switch to a phone call meeting or Skype, etc.

The point is you make it work.

You don’t give up.

If you are really dedicated, send someone to the meeting to stand in & reconnect over the phone after the meeting to ensure you are all on the same page. There is never only one way to do things, get creative but most importantly, make it work.

Your client should feel as if they are your only client.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. If you can’t answer the phone, all smartphones have a feature to decline with a text message. Send the message, “In a meeting, will call afterward”. There is nothing more frustrating when you leave a voicemail & you never get a callback.
  2. Everyone has email on their smartphone, always acknowledge the email sent to you so they know you received it. A simple, “we are looking into the problem as we speak, will update by end of the day.”
  3. Check in with your clients. Be genuine, take them out for a lunch & catch up on everything going on. Depending on the client, we have a brainstorming meeting once or twice a month to develop new ideas and continue to GROW the business.

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