How To: Add A Person To Your Facebook Ad Account

When you own a digital marketing agency it is imperative that you get your Facebook account added to your client’s ad account, here is why.

  1. If they don’t pay you, you are not stuck with the payment for ads.

This is one of the most important tasks you can do when signing on a new Facebook Management client.

As a beginner FB Ad’s manager back in the day, I made this mistake & it screwed me bad.

I had to halt ALL MY ADS!

A client of mine decided he wasn’t going to pay me & Facebook was ready to be paid. If you don’t know, Facebook will freeze your ad account until you are paid in full. There is also no way to pay part of your Facebook ad balance. Any ads you have going at the time of payment needed will pause.


To add someone to your ad account is actually very simple. See below.

Go to your Ads Manager & click on the settings wheel on the top right-hand corner.

How To: Add An Account Role On Facebook Ads Manager

You will see on the bottom right-hand side, the image above with your name instead of my own. Click the blue, “Add People” button.

How To: Add An Account Role

This will be your next screen.


Start typing in the name or email address of the new person. Choose the correct access level either Ad account advertiser, analyst or admin.

If you choose admin, they will have the same access as YOU!

An advertiser will be allowed to see & edit your ads as well as set them up using the payment method on the account.

An analyst is the minimal amount of access and they can only see the performance of the ad.

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