Sunday Morning Reflections

Pittsburgh is flooded, like always, but we are getting remnants of a Tropical Storm right now so it isn’t supposed to stop raining until WEDNESDAY. Good thing I live on Mount Washington because otherwise I would be screwed.

Today is also the first game of the season for the Pittsburgh Steelers, I am originally from Boston so I am not a fan but everyone here is going crazy.

What does this all mean for me? I am inside, in bed, writing blogs & building my coaching guides. It is also finally starting to feel like fall, windows open & able to rock my grandpa style sweaters! True blogger style.

2018 did not happen at all as I had expected it to, it was the complete opposite actually. It got so bad that I was homeless for six months. Looking back, I never gave up hope. I have no idea how, honestly, no matter what I was doing or saying I was always hopeful. I am shocked at how strong I was but proud of myself as well. I am also scared to say that I think 2019 will be my year because that is what I said last year and look what happened.

I have a very positive outlook for the upcoming year.


  1. Host a minimum of 12 fundraisers for my non-profit organization.
  2. Focus more on coaching and raise the clientele by at least 20%.
  3. Take a long weekend once a month to reconnect & focus.
  4. Reach 3,000 followers on my blog.
  5. A steady climb in page views month over month.



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