What No One Tells You

When you are starting out on your entrepreneurial journey in the digital marketing world, a lot of people tend to think that their business has to be on every social media platform.


I really do get asked this a lot in my coaching sessions. You feel pressured since you sell digital marketing that you have to be on every platform.

You really don’t.

I personally struggled with this, I had my company on Google +, IG, FB, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn & more. No one has enough time in the day to contribute to fully bringing value to all those platforms consistently. Oh, and I have a blog! Duh.

I quickly started to realize that I was hurting my brand instead of helping it.

So, what did I do?

I deleted everything except for FB, Pinterest & Twitter. I still have a LinkedIn account personally, but not my company. Those three platforms drive the most traffic to my website, therefore I will keep them because they work.

Now, I have more time to focus on what matters more, like building a genuine real following & providing value to all my followers.

What social platforms do you have your company on?

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