How To: Improve Your Writing Quality Quickly

You have most definitely heard me discuss Grammarly before and that is because I LOVE IT. I decided almost a year ago that I was going to challenge myself to write a blog so I can expand my writing habits, vocabulary & hopefully turn it into a hobby.

(Grammarly has already fixed three issues since I started writing this post)

Let me tell you; there is nothing more depressing & disappointing than writing a blog and having practically no views. There are billions of people in the world, and I was getting no views (yes I know about SEO, just roll with it okay). I started to get so frustrated and wanted to give up, but before doing so I went into a couple of groups I am in on FB with fellow entrepreneurs, and I asked for help.

I tried all of the strategies given to me, from writing letters over and over to giving Grammarly a try.

Writing the letters over and over again did help, but it wasn’t a speedy process, so I moved on to trying Grammarly, which seemed like an immediate help.

Suddenly, I was sounding like someone who knows what they are talking about. My post views started to increase day by day steadily. (Mind you, I was also writing more because it was less frustrating)  This was with the free version too.

Grammarly has a PLUS version that works on more in-depth grammar issues. The free version is great for spelling and common grammar issues.

Anyone who writes a lot, I challenge you to download Grammarly & see for yourself the ease. I truly now enjoy blogging, I know that the grammar and spelling is one less thing I need to focus hard on. Don’t get wrong, sometimes Grammarly gets it wrong, but I have had it a lot more right than wrong.

By the way, they have a chrome extension, so it doesn’t matter what website you are on & it will proofread your writing. You’re covered on your phone too, they have a great keyboard app! While you are at it, get the Outlook email extension to cover you when it comes to very important matters.

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