How I Got 3 New Clients In 30 Minutes

In the three years that I have run my digital marketing business, I have learned a valuable and time-saving lesson.

Simple Always Wins

I am self-taught and been in the digital marketing world since I could learn how to use a computer. I have read countless books, articles, watched numerous videos & webinars.

At the end of the day, sometimes the simplest way to do something is the best & most rewarding way as well.

Right now, I am taking on 5 more digital marketing coaching clients from my normal 3 I take on. With demand rising, I decided to open some more spots. I thought for a while now on how I should market the news for my expansion and I came down to being rushed for time. (like always)

So I said, f*** it and let’s try the simplest way first and go from there.

I made an FB post on my personal account, stating the addition to my services. Within 30 minutes I had 2 hot leads with one confirmed session. I was able to do this because I actively network with fellow business owners & entrepreneurs on Facebook. Any groups that I am in, I make sure to reach out to all local people and introduce myself, you never know if someone may need you in the future.

After the success of this, I made a similar post to my business page. Still waiting on results. The reason I am writing a post about this happening is that it all happened ORGANICALLY. I didn’t sit down and build an extensive ad targeting potential clients. I didn’t hit the ground running and do door to door with local businesses.

Sure, if the organic ways didn’t work, I would have gone the paid route but the fact of the matter is, try a simple way, the organic way before shelling out money. You may even get better results than with a paid promotion.

What simple success have you had recently? How long did it take you to discover it?

If the digital marketing coaching is of interest to you, contact us today!

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