Top 4 Ways To Learn Skills For Free

With the technology we have surrounded us there is truly no excuse to why you can’t be self-taught & build your brand from the ground up without having to pay an arm and a leg. Here are my top 3 ways to learn skills for free or very affordable.

  1. YouTube
    1. You can find everything you need to know for basics of anything on YouTube. As long as you have internet you can watch countless videos to begin a skill or craft. If you don’t have internet there is always the library or a friend’s house.
  2. E-Books/Freebies
    1. Most if not all entrepreneurs have some sort of e-book or freebies on their expert knowledge of a skill. Yes, you will have to usually get added to an email list, but it is still free value.
  3. Pinterest
    1. This is a mix between 1 and 2 because Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social platform. You can find great tips, tricks, hacks and more on Pinterest in any niche.
  4. Kindle Unlimited
    1. This one isn’t 100% free but it is only $10 a month.
    2. Kindle Unlimited allows you access to thousands of e-books all FREE for the $10 fee a month. You would be silly not to do this.

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