How To: Build A Brand On Instagram

It all depends on your brand and audience.

In this post, I will be using examples of a barber shop account & a motivational page.

I run a barbershop client page & I post one a couple of hours before we open, one middle through the day & one later on for the next day. The reason I do this is because when my clients are on they will have the chance to see us at each point of the day, putting our brand name in their mind over our competitors that may not post as much. <– Common sense

The reason I put the note; common sense, is because a lot of the techniques that work are brought back to common sense.

I have another client page that is motivational posts. For this client, I post about double the barbershop client.

You want to be careful with posting too many photos all at once (except when you first build the account, don’t start following people until you have 9–12 photos on your account, this allows your profile to full looking and you have a higher chance of getting a follow back.). If you post too many at once, it will block up your followers feed and most people will unfollow you to remove the clutter.

Remember to keep your posts 80/20, 80% value & info and 20% selling.

**Do your research**

You should have a list of the top 10 accounts that are similar to yours, study when they post & what they post about.

Research your hashtags!!! Crucial to success in reach.

Utilize your Instagram Story feature.


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