Let’s Get Personal: A Little About Me

Did you know I also run a non-profit organization for suicide prevention & awareness?

I found my love for giving back at a young age after my cousin had passed away from cancer a teen himself. My family hosted an astounding memorial golf tournament yearly in hopes to raise money for cancer patients. Which Tim Forde Memorial Golf Tournament raised thousands of dollars for The Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

I was fairly young when a majority of the tournaments went on, but in the last few ones we did, I was a part of running the show with my aunt & uncle & cousins. I fell in love with helping others during these moments. The sense of community was refreshing and always a lot of fun.

After my uncle passed away in 2009, we had to put a stop to the tournaments because it was a little too much for just my aunt to handle. All good things must come to an end at some point. Between 2009 & 2015 I always had a strong urge to want to give back and help others that I had never noticed before. I was noticing it now because I was no longer doing the tournament every summer.

I knew I had to fill that need of wanting to give back and help others so when I founded my marketing company I started doing winter clothes donations for the homeless, all that did was tease me into wanting to do more. So the next year I made a major decision that each year my marketing company will donate 45% of the profits to building state of the art homeless shelters. Feeling even better after that, I still needed to do more. So I thought to myself, what else can I do?

2014-07-24 15.49.08
Father & Daughter Time

My crazy self-said “Let’s open a non-profit organization” and here we are a few months later with Safe Haven LGBTQ+ Suicide Prevention & Awareness. Out of all the options I could have chosen, I chose suicide because after my father died in 2014 rather suddenly, I had made the decision to harm myself. Clearly making it out alive, I am one of the lucky ones. I am here to lend a hand to those who feel trapped and don’t think there is a way out.



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