Influencer Marketing & Restaurants

Being the owner of a digital marketing firm, I am always trying to push myself to think of new and unique ways to bring in new customers. Here is my latest idea & I have decided to share it with you.

One of the hottest trends within the entrepreneurial industry right now is hosting masterminds. A mastermind is a limited size meeting that usually has a couple of different speakers and is pure value driven discussion on specific topics. For example, there was just one today for called Millionaire Mastermind and it was everything about how to get to be a millionaire, maintain, and prosper.

If you are a restaurant, you should be reaching out to some top entrepreneurs and offering them free dinner for two. This will get them in to try the food, scope the spot for a mastermind location & chances are they will post about it on their social media which in return will get you a boost in numbers.

Super simple. Get on it.


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