Facebook Hack

😓 Facebook groups are dead.

Everyone and their moms have a facebook group…

Everyone tries adding people to their facebook group without permission, spam other facebook groups, do a bunch of crazy shit JUST to build a facebook group.

Look, I have one and I use it to build a great community and I love it, BUT…

Is that the best way for you to start if you don’t already have one?

Maybe not…

Personal pages seem to have more reach now a days.

In fact, I switched my focus to creating content for my personal page because of that! (as you may be aware of, since I post a lot on my personal now.)

I suggest you do the same.

Just go into groups in your niche, friend people, and start posting relevant, helpful content to gather an audience of 5,000 friends!

It’s just about the easiest hack out there, in fact I made a post about it earlier this week inside of my group, so if you want that, click the link above and join!


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