How To Use Pinterest Boards

The way that Pinterest works, is you find an image or blog that you like and want to “share” and add it to the respective board you have created on your profile.


You will see above the places you go to, to find your boards and how to “pin” everything.

Users on Pinterest can follow your profile as a whole or they can follow individual boards. You will see often while scrolling through your feed that there are “suggested for you” boards and followers.

Each board you will create a name, description, and a location is optional. You can also have other people join in on boards and pin to them as well, known as community boards.

When creating your boards make sure to have your keywords present in the name and description so you’re able to be found by the people you are targeting.

You can now “organize” your pins within your boards. For example, my entrepreneurship board has sections for Facebook Ads, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing, etc.

*If you accidentally pin something to the wrong board, you can go right in and either delete the pin or move it to another board* So don’t panic.

There is also a Pinterest Chrome Extension, that I would highly recommend getting.

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