A Little Different Than What I Normally Post..But It Is Needed

On top of running a small business I also run a non-profit organization for suicide prevention and awareness.

I created a check-list and to-do list incase someone you know is battling thoughts. Please see below, both.

What To Do If You Think Someone Is Suicidal

  1. Help them create their own positivity checklist. Example below
  2. Suicide Prevention Checklist
    Positivity Checklist
  3. LISTEN, don’t say anything, just truly listen
  4. Have them be around their support system
    1. If they can’t be, you can be there for them
  5. Let them cry it out as hard as they need to, if needed.
  6. Make sure they are in a safe place, no sharp objects or bottles of pills
  7. Make their favorite food for them (comfort food is a great healer)
  8. Give them the hotline or a text-line if they want to talk to someone else
  9. Have them reach out to Safe Haven , we are here 24/7/365
  10. Get them out, go for a walk or drive, let them see the beauty of nature
  11. Share with them the benefits of talking to a licensed professional, if it suits their needs. It isn’t for everyone.


What To Do – Checklist

  • Are they safe?
    • Are there sharp objects or pills?
  • Do they have a positive support system?
  • Have they eaten today?
  • Is there a favorite hobby you could engage with them?
  • If they have a therapist, have them been contacted by the person?
    • This is very important, do not ever call for them. Let them call and tell their therapist they are in the process of having thoughts. A lot of the time they will help you anyway they can in that moment.
  • Are they alone?
    • If so, get over there or find someone who can.
  • Is their speech clear or slurring?
  • Are they sober?
  • If you can drive to them and they stop responding do a wellness check.
    • If they live with family or people who don’t know, act accordingly, don’t scare them. Ask to see them because you were in the area.

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