You Don’t Have To Do This To Succeed

There are hundreds of entrepreneurs out there working at all hours of the night building up their businesses. They are not doing it wrong, but it is certainly not the only way to do it.

You don’t have to work till 1am or even 4am to build your business to succeed. I do just fine with working about 6am to 6pm with a few breaks in between for self-care. I don’t work seven days a week either, I work Monday through Friday. I do however write blogs on the weekend but I don’t consider that work necessarily.

How do I do it you may ask? Pretty simply actually.

  1. Create a to-do list with the most important tasks at the top
  2. Manage my time, don’t get lost on social media for 30 minutes and side track yourself. ( This takes a lot of practice, smoking weed helps keep me focused)
  3. Reenergize myself, whether its a 30 minute cat nap or eating lunch, getting my mind back up to strength is the most important task you can do.
  4. I set each day M-F as certain tasks to do as well.
    1. Monday is blog writing day for both blogs
    1. Tuesday is my out of office meeting day
    1. Wednesday is scheduling out all content for the upcoming weeks
    1. Thursday is main focus of building ads on any platforms
    1. Friday is research and analytical day

Of course during all of these days I am managing my social media accounts, working on following and unfollowing, reading books and continuing to grow as a business owner.

People like to over-complicate things and working, doing what you love, shouldn’t be one of them.


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