Why It Is Important To Always Be Reading

When I was growing up and going through the motions of schooling, let me tell you, I HATED reading. I swear I thought it was deathly torture, I would do anything to avoid it. Reading = the plaque.

Now I am 26 years old, living on my own 600 miles away from where I grew up and my girlfriend can’t get me to leave Barnes & Noble for the life of her.

Talk about change. Nothing in school ever interested me enough to actually want to engage in reading. Now I read anything business/entrepreneur related and anything cooking or baking related.

I learned how important reading is when I started becoming interested in being my  own boss. I didn’t have the capital to take courses from experts so I stuck to YouTube and reading anything I could find. Within 6 months, I had noticed my vocabulary blossomed to the point where I didn’t recognize myself one day because I never said certain things before. It also has helped me tremendously with my writing skills. They still have a far way to come but just simply reading has done significant work for me.

If you hate reading, go to Barnes & Noble, find your favorite topic, whether it is wood working or computers or science, pick a book and take it home. Read it. Don’t skim it, READ IT.

You will see what I mean.


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