The Importance Of A Good Merchandise Vendor

When you start a company or non-profit organization you should be proud of your accomplishment. One of the best ways to fundraiser and share your brand is by designing branded merchandise.

2018-05-29 16.34.37.jpg
There are our Suicide Prevention Hotline Wristbands

We also have t-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeves and more coming. We use a local shop here in the Pittsburgh area, but they are so good at what they do that I couldn’t help but share them with you. They do ship all over the nation & their turn around time is great.

Make sure to check out The Print Shoppe , they have creative and unique designs in their online shop & you can always email them or call them for your own custom merchandise. The cool thing about them, they print on almost anything!

I strongly encourage you to check them out, the quality of shirts they use is high-quality as well so you don’t have to worry about shrinking or anything like that.

Before I found, The Print Shoppe, I was just using whatever I could find on Google, whether it was Vistaprint (I highly recommend not using them) or some other site. The merchandise I got back was not up to par and frankly I didn’t wanna sell it.

I much rather spend my money on a smaller company that takes pride in their products and makes sure it’s perfect to my liking.

Take the time to do ample research on your vendors before making a decision. I also, before ordering, ask companies to send me samples of their shirts so I can see the quality before I buy it. This helped me eliminate tons of companies.


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