Social Media Slowdown – What Does It Mean?

In refrence to my prior post, Snapchat isn’t the only one slowing down. All of the major social platforms have started a major slowdown. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have seen a drop in daily users, are people getting tired of being glued to their phones and finally seeing life right in front of them?

This isn’t the first time I have wrote about social platforms starting to decline, the most popular known about one is Twitter. They went through and started removing accounts that violate their community policies and any accounts that have been dead for some time.

Are we as a society finally starting to break away from the addiction with our phones? Not too long ago, one of my clients got rid of his Iphone and went back to an old school flip phone, his reasoning was so that he could get his life back and not be glued to an Iphone charger.

What do you think of his choice?

I myself have been working on putting my phone down when I finish my work day, giving 100% full attention to my family. Try it at least once a day and see how happy you become and more in touch with whats going on around you.

Instagram & Whatsapp on the other hand are still growing, Instagram just recently launched IGTV in competition with YouTube and as far as I can see it has been a hit.

What do you think of the latest data?



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