What Is Growth Hacker Marketing?

Growth hacking is a strategy that is nothing like the traditional marketing, you use tools like emails, ppc, ads, etc instead of commercials, money, publicity. Being a growth hacker you have to be constantly testing different versions of products and ads.

Growth hacking is a new way to get your ad in front of your customers. I mean if you think about it, the traditional marketing way is over 100 years old, time to switch things up a bit.

Take Hotmail, Dropbox and Gmail for example, they all grew huge from Growth Hacking. Here is how:

Gmail, when it first came out was “invite only”, being “exclusive” drove the desire to be a Gmail customer. Oh and the fact is was completely free was nice too.

Hotmail, put at the bottom of every single email sent “P.S: I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail”.

Dropbox, the file sharing service, used to be closed to the public, be invited and then be put on a waitlist. They started by making a fun demo video on how to use the services, it was so popular that it brought thousands of new users to the site. It gets better though; they then decided that if you invited people to use the file sharing service you would get 50 free mb of storage. Who wouldn’t want to do something that simple and easy.

As you can see the trend with these three companies is that they didn’t shell out big money to pay a company to do something, they put their heads together and got smart and then got smarter. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be able to just do it everytime and have an idea explode. You have to make sure you have product market fit. Product market fit is the acheivement of perfection product and customer sync.


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