The Music Industry

This is either going to bring a bunch of hate ❌

Or.. It is going to build great discussion 👀

Sometime last week I came across a post or the story of Thomas Rhett, family country artist. It brought a good point but to his fans was seeming greedy. There is a matter of artists not getting a fair percentage of the streaming money.

I was honestly baffled to see a post like that for a very rich musician, but the more I thought about it the more I thought that maybe it means more for the ones starting out.

In my opinion, if you’re going to have the musicians getting more money for their music etc. then they should have to donate a certain percentage to the less fortunate. The problem in this world isn’t the rich getting richer, it’s the monetary gap because middle class and wealthy. It is far too big of a gap.

I used to LOVE going to concerts but I have to have a minimum $400 including okay seats for tickets to go to the concert. Between food, merchandise, the tickets, parking and anything else you can think of it isn’t a feasible night out anymore. Thoughts?


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