The Importance Of An Email List

Social media will be around for a long time, I don’t see an extinction coming anytime soon. There will be a day though when social media won’t be the best way to bring in your target market.

You should always be collecting emails from your target market because when you have more value to bring them you can send it right to their inbox. This is the beginning of your sales funnel, then you can send them anywhere you want in that email, whether it is a landing page or your store.

It is so critical to your business success to have an ACTIVE email list. Also, remind the reader how you obtained their email so they don’t just think you stole it off of something or someone. That puts a sour taste on your company name.

I make sure to have an opt-in button on all of my social media accounts, blog posts, website and more. The great thing too is email marketing is cheap, you don’t have to worry about ad spend. You only have to worry about open rates.

With that being said, you want to make sure you have a captivating title & first few sentences because otherwise someone won’t even open it. All email platforms let you preview your emails so however long that space may be, make it interesting.



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