How I Perfect My Instagram Strategy

A great way to practice techniques and strategies is by making accounts about anything you want and try it out. For example, today I created a Cannabis Education Instagram Profile.  Using this account I am going to test out a few strategies that I have been reading about and studying. The reason I make a whole new account is so I can keep my personal account clean incase strategies don’t work out well.

2018-08-04 12.07.02.png
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You’ll notice I have ten photos and I am only following a few people. Before you follow anyone, make sure you have nine photos minimum because it makes your account look full and that leads to more follows.

I also put hashtags in my bio, to help with my target market to find my page. Speaking of hashtags, make sure to switch them up every photo because you have the chance of getting shadowbanned if you only use the same ones.

What do you do to practice your strategies on any social platform?


5 thoughts on “How I Perfect My Instagram Strategy

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  1. I’ve found adding 2-3 paragraphs of copy in the photos description area helps.

    Then I find the 30 best hashtags for that image. This might include hashtags referring to a location, something specific about the photo as well as general tags (I.e. “dailyinspiration”).

    The trick I find works well for the hashtags is to wait until the image is posted and place them as the first comment on the post.

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      1. I read about it a while back and just stuck with it as part of how I post. I believe some of the thought process behind it is that having at least one comment with more than a few words in it helps show some engagement with your post.

        If you’re sharing your Instagram posts on twitter, it would probably help to split your hashtags up, so some are on the post and some are in the following comment. I have not tested that out to see if it helps any.

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