5 Steps To Create A Solid Social Strategy

  1. Establish Goals & Objectives
  2. Set Rules Of Engagement
  3. Conduct Research
  4. Know Your Assets & Get Organized
  5. Develop An Outreach Schedule


Your goals and objectives should be obtainable and not out of reach. Say your goal is to get 300 new leads, then your objectives would be the stepping stones to how you get those 300 new leads. Simple enough.

Rules of engagement are how you are going to build and measure your progress. All social platforms have the basic of tracking analytics, that way you can see what is working and what isn’t. I always like to have roles and responsibilities for my team members so I will usually appoint someone to Facebook, another one to Pinterest, etc. By doing this it allows that one person to focus solely on one platform to perfect it as needed. Divide and conquer.

Conducting research is more important than anyone cares to admit to. How can you know who to market to without researching who needs your product? NEVER build a product and just expect it to sell without any prior knowledge, you will flop. Research is not just for your target market but for you analytics also, review past campaigns and see what worked and what didn’t. Then you will take what worked and build off of it. The key to it is that you’re always improving your ad. Oh and don’t forget to research your keywords! SEO is dead without it.

Getting organized is just as important as doing your research. What this means is that you need to plan out your content, choosing your theme, and making sure all profiles are current and up to date. You will start to see that everything runs smoothly when it is organized.

Last but certainly not least is your schedule. I start by choosing four topics, 1 per week, I then write 5 blog posts about each topic, one for each of the 5 days that I choose to blog. I do this because I then have a minimum of one blog per day that I can ensure my blog is being seen regularly. Then as the days go on I will start to think of newer ideas and current events so when I post blogs on those topics then I am just adding to the baseline. Obviously, if you want to blog more than I do then just double or triple the numbers. Make it work to your liking, customize it.



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