Twitter Stock Prices Fall As Their Users Decline

So, I just read a quick article about what the title exactly says.

Now this may just be me but…what the hell did you think was going to happen? First off, I think it was the greatest thing you guys could have done, removing dead accounts that is. You didn’t really expect to have a flood of new users come through the door though, are you?

Yes, people love that it is less likely that you follow a dead account which is awesome for engagement but outside of the business world not too many cares.

I heard that a lot of people that were active left the platform but who cares really because they seem a little too sensitive anyway.

You guys will bounce back up, the platform is great and you have kept it fairly the same forever. Whereas Facebook and Instagram have gone through several facelifts. I know, if those two platforms crash I would definitely keep on my Twitter, probably being more active than ever before haha.

Well, that’s my morning rant. Thanks for reading.


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