Goals & Why They Are Important

If you follow SK Marketing Group on Instagram, then I apologize for reiteratting what I said on my LIVE session this morning.

GOALS! I am not talking about the soccer term either, although that World Cup was crazy! I am talking about the ones you set for yourself & company to continue to grow.

Whether it is a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly goal, I want you to set one for yourself and one for your company. The first rule of setting goals it to make sure they are realistic and obtainable. For my personal goal I set to go to the gym once a week for 2 months & then double that for the next two months, etc. For my business goal, I made it to obtain $5,000 dollars worth of NEW clientele.

Once your goals are set you want to work backwards from that goal. See below:

If I need $5,000 then I could get 1 client at $5 or 2 clients at $2500 or 5 clients at $1k.

You get it? Pretty simple, right?

A main point is to not UNDER value yourself. Don’t let numbers scare you.

What are your year-end goals?




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